Total control over logistics of concrete production industry

> Up to 25% Cost Reduction
> Increased efficiency
> Increased competitiveness

Integrated logistics
looking to the future

Looking towards the future, the construction sector, particularly in the ready-mix concrete production industry, requires integrated logistics to control all activities effectively. Even the transport phase to the final customer is a crucial part of the processing system. This phase is often outsourced to third-party owners with their own means, making monitoring without the right tools a challenge. Quality and safety control in logistics further complicates the situation.

Fortunately, the solution lies in the digital world with TruckMove, a cloud platform designed to increase competitiveness while prioritizing environmental sustainability. This aligns with recent European polices and is now a key aspect of all company policies. TruckMove offers a comprehensive solution to the complex logistics challenges faced by the construction industry, enabling efficient monitoring and optimization of the transportation phase, while ensuring quality and safety control at every step of the way.

With TruckMove
  • > Real time fleet optimization

  • > Simplification of management operations

  • > Migration to a Paperless System

  • > Coordina logistica, gestione, qualità

Without TruckMove
  • > Rigid planning and difficulty managing the unexpected

  • > Slow coordination due to numerous paperwork operations.

  • > Continuous paperwork duplication.

  • > Inefficient and disorganized control systems.


Fleet planning plays a critical role in resource optimization and cost reduction. The on-board equipment installation simplifies and speeds up the driver's work and productivity. The vehicle and driver are continuously monitored for improvement.


Overall, implementing fleet control systems such as TruckMove can deliver significant cost savings, promote environmental sustainability, reduce risks, and increase competitiveness, making it an essential tool for businesses operating in the construction sector.


Fleet control further reduces risk by enabling quick and effective management of unexpected events. The automation of document processing ensures compliance with regulations, therefore reduced risk.


By prioritizing rapid and timely delivery of concrete, businesses can remain competitive. Continuous checking of concrete conditions using telemetry ensures continuous quality control, further contributing to increased competitiveness.


For the concrete mixing plant

TruckMove is an ideal platform for companies operating in the concrete sector, including producers and logistics companies. It is particularly effective for businesses with their own fleet of vehicles or extensive use of owner-operators. In such cases, TruckMove streamlines the monitoring of processes and activities carried out by third parties, significantly simplifying operations.

TruckMove's flexible vehicle allocation system optimizes the benefits of using the platform, even when dealing with a large number of batching plants and vehicles, especially if not owned.

The platform enables everyone, from the company and batching plant to the driver, administrative office, and management control, to simultaneously view the same data, allowing for collaborative strategies for the efficient delivery of concrete. With TruckMove, all relevant information is logged and saved for immediate use and later analysis. This ensures that businesses in the concrete sector can make informed decisions and continuously optimize their operations for maximum efficiency, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.

Logistics company

Who own a fleet of their own vehicles and who also make extensive use of third-party vehicles.

Concrete Manufacturers

Plant owners using their own or third party trucks.

TruckMove offers various advantages for everyone
that participates in the concrete production and delivery process:

The Manufacturer gains complete control of the vehicle fleet, due to real-time monitoring. The benefits of such operations are mutual for both manufacturer and customer.

Concrete batching plant

Thanks to real-time monitoring, the vehicle fleet is under complete control, enabling immediate resolution of all critical issues.

For the driver

TruckMove makes it easier and faster for the driver to manage their own work, providing real-time information to the control center.

For the Truck Drivers Owners

It benefits from an accurate and rapid reporting system of the activities performed.

For MAIN office

TruckMove offers a significant simplification in document management, automating processes, and eliminating paper.

For the management control

It provides simplified and timely control, enriched by logistics analysis with more data and pertinent information. With TruckMove, businesses in the concrete sector can optimize their operations and increase their competitiveness, contributing to their overall success.


One goal,
multiple solutions

TruckMove is a modular, cloud-based system that provides comprehensive control of the cost and quality of transporting concrete per m3. With its set of coordinated solutions, it enables effective monitoring of the entire fleet of concrete mixers, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Several companies have already implemented TruckMove and reported a significant reduction in their vehicle usage, up to 25% in some cases. This effective and efficient solution is now a reality and offers various benefits, including cost reduction, quality control, improved productivity, environmental sustainability, risk reduction, and increased competitiveness.

An effective and efficient solution that is now a reality.

This system enables fleet tracking, location and status (including drivers and vehicles) via GPS satellite network, as well as sending destination addresses to vehicles from the plant and displaying work reports for both drivers and vehicles ...and much more!


It assures the management of data analysis by the system through a Business Intelligence system, monitoring plant efficiency and transportation cost per cubic meter. Additionally, it allows for monitoring of rental vehicles compared to owned ones, as well as fuel efficiency analysis and fleet amortization ...and much more!


The complete satellite navigation system includes: report creation, chronological download, document visualization, electronic DDT, connection to the CAN BUS and SLUMP system (wireless), water and rotation sensing, reducer oil pressure detection, and water insertion detection in the tank ...and much more!


The planning of vehicle/driver activities is based on the volume of orders to be fulfilled (reservation and scheduling of necessary vehicle activities), with tracking of vehicle/driver commitments and detection of discrepancies ...and much more!


Complete support for certification of viewing safety-related documents is provided, thanks also to the on-board tablet that highlights to drivers the specific "Annex 2" documents prior to delivery to construction sites ...and much more!


The system allows for the remote downloading of digital tachograph data, which is centralized for easy monitoring. It also provides maintenance and expiration tracking of vehicles and drivers, monitors fuel supply and consumption, and manages driver activities ...and much more!

Do you want to boost your company?

Easy- install telemetry

TruckMove eliminates the need for complex equipment wiring installations in vehicle fleets by utilizing modern sensors that communicate via Bluetooth or Wireless devices and GPS. This enables real-time reporting of concrete status and transportation to the control center through an easily accessible database through user's smartphone, tablet, or computer via the app.

Because of sophisticated sensors, complete control over transportation is ensured, providing useful information in case of any disputes related to concrete alterations during the transfer process, and providing all the necessary data to comply with regulations aimed at achieving complete formal safety.


The onboard system
which simplifies the job

Due to 8" bluetooth rugged tablet, TruckMove achieves the fundamental objective of paperless document management, obtaining a simplification of workflows and guaranteeing security in the chain of custody and recording of relevant data. TruckMove also allows you to check not only the delivery phase but also subsequent aspects such as those of the unloading and cleaning of the concrete mixer.

The on-board tablet is also equipped with a satellite navigator for heavy duty vehicles and guides the vehicle to the unloading sites without the driver having to look up the address. Thanks to a sophisticated system, the dedicated "attachment 2" documents are sent to the drivers before delivery to the construction sites for the acknowledgment of the unloading risks in line with current legislation.


A sustainable choice

Thanks to the optimization in fleet management, fewer concrete mixers can be used, while the optimal management of the routes makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the use of water is reduced by having the vehicle always under control and being able to use monitoring even in the cleaning phase which must take place in the dedicated areas, in compliance with the environment and the legislation, waste of water is avoided.

Less cost, less risk. Greater competitiveness and greater attention to the environment. TruckMove offers all this in a simple and direct way. And it allows us to increasingly respond to the needs of customers, whose attention to the issues of process optimization and environmental sustainability is constantly growing.


Is TruckMove an IaaS, PaaS or SaaS service?

TruckMove is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Hardware and software are hosted in our infrastructures, while the platform is distributed to users as an integrated solution, solution stack or service delivered through an internet connection. All software updates or hardware maintenance are 100% managed throughout the year.

Is it possible to have a trial version?

Our team with over 20 years of experience in the industry is at your disposal to introduce the TruckMove system and to show you the most suitable solution for your fleet management. Please get in touch with one of our representatives for the selection of the appropriate modul solution and all its options.

Can I integrate TruckMove with my current ERP?

TruckMove integrates seamlessly with different ERPs such as Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Zucchetti etc., ensuring perfect communication between the different modules: automatic invoicing, extended management control, quality assurance, DDT automatic control, safety and regulatory compliance management, etc.

What differentiates TruckMove from other software solutions?

TruckMove is unique. It is a complete system that answers specific needs of the industry and differs from other similar systems starting from the basic assumption: assisting production control. Truck Move, on the other hand, focuses on logistics and from this objective extends its functions to a "full control" model.

What is meant by cost reduction per m3?

By reducing the cost of transport per m3, the cost per m3 of the finished product is consequently reduced: out of 100 vehicles necessary for a certain jobsite, with the TruckMove cloud system only 75 will be needed. The greater the vehicle fleet of your company and the greater the benefits will be. But the advantages are not limited only to cost reduction. The simplification of internal processes, the precision and constant monitoring of the quality of the concrete transported, the detailed control over third-party vehicles, are all factors that make TruckMove the definitive solution for concrete logistics.

Is it possible to customize TruckMove according to specific needs?

TruckMove is a system in continuous evolution and open to any specific needs. It is scalable and offers numerous functionalities.

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